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Looking for Netflow analysis package

Hello Erik,

Scrutinizer from?http://www.plixer.com/?supports all of those features you listed and scales to over 100K flows/second.

Good luck with your search.


Does anyone know of a netflow collector that will do the following.?
*Graph/List Destination Networks By Top AS?
*Graph/List Destination Networks By Top IP Address?
*AS Path Analysis?
*Traffic Type (ICMP, TCP, UDP, IPSEC, HTTP, SSH, SMTP, etc..)?

We will be using this to help us decide who to Peer with and what transit Providers to look at.?

I am familiar with Arbor Network's Peak Flow utility but it's a little too pricy.?
I also found AS-Stats?https://neon1.net/as-stats/?look promising from the power point on their page.?