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Looking for Netflow analysis package

On Tue, May 14, 2013 at 11:18 PM, Jason Lester <jlester at wcs.k12.va.us>wrote:

> ManageEngine's NetFlow Analyzer will do most of that (not sure about AS
> Path Analysis.)  It is priced per monitored interface, but is pretty
> reasonable for what it does.  They have a 30-day demo available.  We use
> their full OpManager+NetFlow suite to monitor several hundred devices with
> thousands of interfaces.  We only license NetFlow for the interfaces that
> connect to external providers.

This product cannot stand any service provider production network I can
think of. It is toooooo slow to handle high-speed routers. I suggest
staying away from all ManageEngine's products in general, but NFA is the
worst of them.