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Problem reaching AS32


AS1930 is again feeling reachability issues, now with AS32.
(there was a thread last week about wikipedia reachability also 
reported from our side -- there was nothing wrong within our network)

We are now having problems reaching AS32 in California.

Traceroute stops well away from our (direct) transit providers. I've 
already tried to push packets towards the two AS32's transit providers i 
see (AS46749 and AS2153) and i can't get through to AS32.

Is it possible this has something to do with the previous thread (Century 
Link outage)? (i'm in Europe, i know very little about US networks)

I've also tried to send e-mail to noc at cenic.org, but both their MXs are 
not reachable either... :-(
Other local commercial providers seem to be able to reach AS32, so there 
should be something in the way against AS1930's prefixes.


Carlos Fria?as