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Louisiana Optical Network Initiative

I am sending this query on behalf of the University of New Orleans.  For the past couple of weeks users on their campus are unable to get logged on to the Capital One Online Banking Secure Portal to do their online banking.  The UNO AS number is 23666 and LONI, which I am part of, is their internet provider, AS number 32440.  None of our other Louisiana Participants seem to have an issue getting there and every test I do from other locations in our network are successful.  Users can get to the https://onlinebanking.capitalone.com site but after putting in their login credentials the site simply times out.

Capital One peers with both Verizon and AT&T but when I go to the above site it is via Verizon.

Does anyone know of or have this issue also?  I have a ticket open with Verizon but have yet to get a response.  I was speaking with a representative from Capital One but after leaving several voice mails I have yet to get a call back.

Thank you in advance for anyone's assistance,

John Caffery
Information Technology Consultant
Louisiana Optical Network Initiative - LONI
O  225.578.7263
C   225.252.3046