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Google Public DNS Problems?

On 2013-05-02, at 11:51, Jay Ashworth <jra at baylink.com> wrote:

> But since Perry's problem is *inability to resolve names in google's
> public zones*, the *path to the ZONE servers* is the thing diagnostics
> would require a trace to, no?

Blair's problem, I think. Perry was just being helpful. Blair's point was that if Google DNS is not able to resolve Google domains, then you know something is wrong.

> If doesn't *answer* for "google.com" (and no one's told me it
> has), then how you get there is irrelevant.

Well, if you're trying to troubleshoot the performance or functionality of a service that is deployed using anycast, knowing what anycast node is giving problems is pretty useful. I say this as someone who has to help troubleshoot problems with anycast DNS services pretty regularly.

Since there's no obvious way (in the draft-jabley-dnsop-anycast-mapping sense) to identify a Google DNS anycast node in-band, traceroute and RTT are pretty much what we're left with.