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Data Center Installations

> I thought maybe there was a secret place to get cool data center layer 1 st=
> uff..

Yeah, it's called "inventory" ...  ;-)  Seriously, there's a reason why
it is common to maintain shelving in the data center, and/or storage 
lockers nearby.  The stuff you use and find usable isn't the same stuff 
that I use and find usable, and while I don't know about you, I'm too
cheap to pay top dollar for JIT style acquisition of the stuff I need,
even assuming that there was someplace local that sold it.  Easier to 
have it on-site.

As for acquiring the stuff in the first place?  Yeah, no good single
source.  We have a drawerful of current catalogs for various vendors,
such as:

ADI	- low voltage distributors, often good pricing on bulk cable and 
UPS batteries

C&H Distributors	- General industrial equipment, workbenches,
shelving, storage bins, etc.

CablesToGo	- KVM cables, PC and network cabling, power cords, etc

DigiKey	- Mostly electronics parts and connectors

PI Manufacturing	- All sorts of various inexpensive bits and pieces
for networks and PC's, cables, adapters, etc.

StayOnline	- More obscure stuff for the data center, such as C13-to-C14
power Y's

to mention some of the less-obvious ones, But these days there's a huge 
amount of purchasing that goes on entirely through online catalogs etc.

... JG
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