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Data Center Installations

On Wednesday 01 May 2013 12:23, Warren Bailey wrote:
> Do any of you have a "go to" resource for materials used in installations?
> Tie wraps, cable management, blahblahblah?
> I have found several places, but I'm curious to know what the nanog ninja's
> have to say.

Would largely depend on your definition of "datacenter" (customer or operator) 
and what your corporate policies are. Speaking as the small ISP datacenter 

Tie wraps, misc hardware - HomeDepot/Lowes
Patch cords/bulk cable - Monoprice
Patch panels/punchdown/custom fiber - Gruber
Electrical (equip)/fiber/wall enclosures - Graybar/Tesco
Electrical (power) - Local electrical shops/Home depot