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BCP38 tester?

Is there a program which users can run on an end-site workstation which
would test whether they are being some link which is doing BCP38, or some
related type of source-address ingress filtering?

I'm hoping for something that could be downloaded by users and run, and
try to forge a few packets to somewhere useful, which could be logged 
somehow in conjunction with some unforged packets containing a traceroute, 
so we could build up a database of leaky networks.

On a related topic, while I know GRC Research's Steve Gibson is a bit of
a polarizing personality, he does have a fairly sizable consumer audience,
and might be a great distribution venue for such a thing.

Or, perhaps, is there someone on here from Ookla?

Patrick?  Could Akamai be persuaded to take an interest in this as a 
research project?

-- jra
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