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BCP38.info is now active

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> From: "Alain Hebert" <ahebert at pubnix.net>

> http://www.BCP38.info is up.
> Now to make it sexy :(

I'm workin' on it.

> Being that my English is barely passable (my French is worst btw)
> =D, I won't be able to carry this alone.

Well, my English is *fantastic*, so I'll be happy to pith in.

Or, y'know, "pitch".  :-)

> I'm gathering reference to other projects and sites (feel free
> to send them to me offlist);

Excellent point.

> I'm planning to also add reference to documented events to
> increase eyeballs on BCP38;

I believe you mean people's after action reports, here; also an excellent idea.  
Create a new article for each event, named something like 

  "Mar 2013 Cloudflare DNS DDOS attack"

> Nothing is set in stone... from the wiki (maybe another CMS),
> the look, the registrar or even the hosting location.

Well, Mediawiki is certainly the platform I have the most background driving,
but as long as the data can be ported, I don't object to changing... until
people start making links to the inside of the site.  :-}

I too encourage people to dive in, though perhaps not yet to start publicizing
the site widely for it's intended end purpose until we flesh it out for a week or so.

-- jra
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