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Tier 2 ingress filtering

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> From: "Paul Ferguson" <fergdawgster at gmail.com>

> > The former is a first-hand transaction: if you're lying to your edge
> > carrier, he can cut you off with no collateral damage.
> Of course, he has to notice it first. :-)


> ObOpinion: It's best to *enforce* a policy which disallows a
> downstream network from sourcing spoofed packets -- and the closer to
> the "edge" you are, the better, Hierarchy is great for that. :-)

Sure; that's sort of my point: this is *much* more effectively done at 
the actual edge; I think the systemic complexity of pushing it further
in goes up as a log function -- meaning that the fact that there are 
only maybe 6000 transit networks is a red herring.

> I guess the next best thing is "Trust but verify"?


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