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So how big was it *really*?

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> From: "Simon Lockhart" <simon at slimey.org>

> And there's a (semi-)public response from one of Cloudfare's
> upstreams:
> http://cluepon.net/ras/gizmodo

Money quote:

In defense of the claims in other articles, there is a huge difference
between "taking down the entire Internet" and "causing impact to notable
portions of the Internet". My company, most other large Internet carriers,
and even the largest Internet exchange points, all deliver traffic at
multi-terabits-per-second rates, so in the grand scheme of things 300 Gbps
is certainly not going to destroy the Internet, wipe anybody off the map,
or even show up as more than a blip on the charts of global traffic
levels. That said, there is absolutely NO network on this planet who
maintains 300 Gbps of active/lit but unused capacity to every point in
their network. This would be incredibly expensive and wasteful, and most
of us are trying to run for-profit commercial networks, so when 300 Gbps
of NEW traffic suddenly shows up and all wants to go to ONE location,
someone is going to have a bad day.

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