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BCP38 - Internet Death Penalty

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> From: "Paul Ferguson" <fergdawgster at gmail.com>

> As I mentioned on another list earlier today, let's face it -- this is
> going to require a large-scale, very public, and probably multi-year
> education & awareness effort (as if 13+ years isn't enough already!).
> How long did it take to get some movement on open SMTP relays? You get
> the idea.
> Some people are going to have to step and add a few thousand more
> frequent flier miles and get out to various geographic constituencies,
> at various events, and start talking about this. And we need a lot
> more people on board. Nation & international campaigns, etc.
> And there may even be some stick approaches to accompany the carrot,
> but some awareness is going to have to happen.
> Sing it from the mountain tops.

Alain has registered bcp38.info, et al; I'll be talking to him off-list
about slapping up a CMS somewhere to pour some content into, and we'll
boil it down for everyone, in the immortal words of C.J. Cregg:

"...like they are five-year olds... and [we'll try to do it] like we are not." 

-- jra
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