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So how big was it *really*?

Surely the question is what was the impact?

If I had just installed 3 new 100G iinks the day before then its going to
be a lot bigger than if I didn't haven them.

In my view this was a minor blip, but very well sniper rifled at
Cloudflare - they have a lot of pissed off customers looking the blog they

Folks need to fix there infrastructure so this doesn't happen though.

On 28/03/2013 13:23, "Valdis Kletnieks" <Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu> wrote:

>So we all have heard the breathless news reports of how the recent
>urinating contest between Spamhaus and a butthurt ISP was the "biggest
>in history".
>Where would you guys put it, if measured as "percent of total worldwide
>available Internet bandwidth/resources"?  My gut feeling is that by that
>metric, it didn't even make the top 20.  Think back to the Morris worm, or
>Blaster/Nachi/etc - *nobody* had any free bandwidth when those happened.
>even if you restrict the discussion to intentional targeted attacks, I'm
>we've had worse (Smurf, anybody? :)