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Cloudflare, and the 120Gbps DDOS "that almost broke the Internet"

On Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 12:18 PM, Joshua Goldbard <j at 2600hz.com> wrote:

> That was a really big attack.
> The scary part is that it's all DNS reflection, meaning the attackers only need 3Gbps of bandwidth to generate 300Gbps of DDoS.
> Imagine if they compromised some of the medium sized corporate networks along with these Botnets. I don't know if the exchanges could hold up against 1Tbps of DDoS, and the difference between 300 and 1000Gbps is not a lot.
> While I'm excited that CloudFlare is doing such a good job bringing this to the attention of the masses I can't help but feel that this is essentially a time bomb. If this attack was an order of magnitude larger, things might be very different.

Consider this a call-to-arms, in all aspects. Please.

- ferg

"Fergie", a.k.a. Paul Ferguson