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BCP38 - Internet Death Penalty

On 3/27/2013 10:40 AM, William Herrin wrote:
> Build a web page where a downstream can set the filters on his 
> interface at his convenience. Apply some basic sanity checks against 
> wide-open. Worry about small lies from a forensic after-the-fact 
> perspective. This problem has a trivial technology-only solution.

Well, that would definitely be easier than the RR updates I have to do.

I'm not arguing that the process can't be done. The problem is, there 
are a number of networks that don't know it needs to be done and why, or 
they don't know how to do it. There are a number of networks that have 
no concept of scripting changes into their routers.

Implementing BCP38 isn't a technology issue as much as an education 
issue. The BCP provides a brief methodology to accomplish its goals. It 
doesn't mention other methods or point to resources that an uneducated 
person may need. The problem might not be with BCP38. Perhaps it is as 
detailed as it needs to be from an IETF standpoint. However, it is not 
enough information to cultivate the changes we need.