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BCP38 needs advertising

Outside of needing more details and examples, BCP38 could use more 

The best option, if they would accept it, is to have all RIRs mention 
BCP38 as well as require that mention of BCP38 be included in all IP 
justification requests to customers (so that those who receive netblocks 
from their ISPs are also aware of it).

For ARIN, at least, having it mentioned in the attestation process 
wouldn't be a bad idea. At least someone of management would be aware of it.

The only issue is see concerning the RIRs is that they may object to it 
being out of scope to their duties. However, informing people of 
something is not requiring implementation of something. On the other 
hand, we know that there are a great number of networks that don't 
participate with the community at large and may have no idea about BCP38 
and why it is important.