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Line cut in Mediterranean?

Hello James,

2013/3/27 James Smith <thepacketmaster at hotmail.com>:
> Getting reports from a third party vendor that there's been a line cut in the Mediterranean that is affecting some Internet traffic.  Anyone have any details?

SMW4 : http://www.seacom.mu/news/article-140/seacom-outage-08-40-gmt/

"SEACOM can confirm that at 06:20 GMT 27 March, the SMW4 cable system
suffered a cable cut off the coast of Egypt. Earlier this morning,
SEACOM had restored all services on both SMW4 and IMEWE cable systems.

SEACOM is currently in the process of prioritizing and reallocating
already available capacity for customers and sourcing further capacity
to re-establish full restoration.

We will update further as information becomes available."