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BCP38 - Internet Death Penalty

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ay Ashworth writes:
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> > From: "Mark Andrews" <marka at isc.org>
> > If you are with a ISP that does not practice BCP 38 are you willing
> > to risk your neck that you won't be subject to a "aiding and abetting"
> > charge? All of us here know that spoofing address like this is a
> > criminal activity. We are all experts in the field and the courts
> > apply higher standards to us than they do to Joe Blogs. We know
> > machines get compromised. We know how to block spoofed traffic
> > from compromised machines.
> Careful: source address spoofing, like using a name you don't have on your
> driver license *is not inherently a crime*.   *Fraudulent behaviour which
> is advanced thereby* makes it an additional crime.

Which is why I said "like this" as this bundle of threads started
with spoofing of DNS queries.

> SAS is sometimes necessary for testing.

Indeed.  Those are exceptions not the rule.  How many residential
connections would be doing SAS for testing, compared to configuration
errors or as the result on criminal misappropriation of equipement.

When both configuration errors and spoofed traffic as the result
of criminal misappropriation of equipement both should be dropped
what are the courts likely to find?

Even with SAS for testing you can filter based on MAC / port / link
so only designated machines can send spoofed traffic.

I certainly don't want to be the subject of a test case.


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