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Open Resolver Problems

Subject: Re: Open Resolver Problems Date: Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 12:45:40PM -0400 Quoting Joe Abley (jabley at hopcount.ca):
> DNS servers (recursive and authoritative-only) are the low-hanging fruit du jour. I agree that there are many other effective amplifiers, and that even maximum DNS hygiene will not make the wider problem go away.
> A quick note on your final comment, though: whilst adaptive response rate limiting (so-called RRL) is fast developing into an effective mitigation for reflection attacks against authority-only servers, there is far less experience with traffic patterns or the effects of rate-limiting (using RRL or anything else) on recursive servers.
> The best advice for operation of recursive servers remains "restrict access to legitimate clients", not "apply rate-limiting".

Twice agree.  I try to have ::1 as resolver on my server machines that
are in a position to be used, and only accept queries on ::1. Takes care
of access control nicely.

For auth servers, those serving DNSSEC records are especially attractive
as amplifiers. At the moment, I'd have a hard time defending unrestricted
query rates on auth servers if they serve DNSSEC.

I've successfully applied the Redbarn patches to my BIND, and I expect
the NSD rate-control to be of similar quality, or better.

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