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using ARIN IP space outside of ARIN region

We're looking at building into a DC in Europe this year and I wanted to run a few questions by the community and make sure I'm not too far off course.

We currently have v4 space from ARIN and operate a multihomed datacenter in the US.  This thread from September 2012, though the reverse of my situation, makes it seem like I should be able to work with ARIN to satisfy all of our v4 and v6 needs regardless of where in the world I plan to advertise the space.  Obviously this would be really convenient for us since we already have a relationship with ARIN.  http://mailman.nanog.org/pipermail/nanog/2012-September/052137.html

So my questions are:
* Is it ok/recommended to advertise v4 ARIN space (say a /23)  to my upstream ISPs in Europe? 
* Is it ok/recommended to advertise v6 ARIN space to my upstream ISPs in Europe? (I suspect we'll get a /44 block  to carve up since we fit in the "more than one but less than 12 sites" category)
* Should I use a single AS for both North America and European data centers?  It will be the same small team managing them today but it's not like the sites are linked together to form any kind of transit network.

Also, is there a European version of RADB with which I should plan to register my prefixes?

- andy