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What do you have in your datacenters' toolbox?

On 13-03-15 08:46, George, Wes wrote:

> [WEG] The rule of thumb for most places I've worked has been that power screwdrivers 
> are only acceptable for *removing* screws, at least where the electronic contents of a 
> datacenter are concerned.

I can see the need for speed & efficiency when actually building a data
centre of the scope Google builds with thousands of servers, racks
everywhere etc. During the assembly stage, you probably want expensive
power screwdrivers to not only save time, but also achieve the right
torque/tightness. And you would need many of them since you'd have many
people assembling racks and mounting equipment on them.

However, in a day-to-day operation at an established data centre, do you
really need a power screwdriver ? You need to worry about mounting it on
a wall near a plug so it is always available/charged.

However, having a powered drill somwehere in the building is, of course,
a good thing.