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Network Configuration Management

I've used Kiwi Cattools as well as some homegrown perl and shell script
stuff for versioning / audit trails.

Cattools works OK and scales.  Unsure of pricing structure though.

I never liked Ciscoworks for doing it even though it will manage your
devices that way.

On Wed, Mar 13, 2013 at 10:51 AM, Stefan <netfortius at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mar 13, 2013 9:31 AM, "Eric Van Tol" <eric at atlantech.net> wrote:
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> > > Subject: Network Configuration Management
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> > > Just curious what people are using for network configuration
> > > manangement systems. I'm guessing most places have something
> > > built in-house, but before starting down that road I figured it
> > > would be a good idea to see if people have any off-the-shelf
> > > systems they like.
> > >
> >
> > Solarwinds NCM is what we use.  It's multivendor and even handles
> menu-driven configurations and can easily be used to run commands on
> devices such as Linux servers for iptables firewall rules.  It can perform
> inventory management and do things like search for MAC addresses on your
> network.  Moreover, it can do policy reporting to ensure that your devices
> meet your configuration standards, both custom-made and for regulatory
> compliance like HIPAA/SOX/PCI/etc.
> >
> > We used to use RANCID, which worked great, but we outgrew it when we
> needed something to backup multiple vendors and didn't have the resources
> to modify the code to do what we needed.
> >
> > As other posters mentioned, their sales force is unrelentless, even after
> you purchase.  It took a lot of complaining to finally get off whatever
> internal sales list we were on.  Cost is also a concern, as it increases
> with the more devices you need to manage, plus there's a yearly maintenance
> fee.  That said, I feel the cost is somewhat justified, as they have a
> pretty good development team that is quite active on their support forums
> and they listen to customer feedback for features.
> >
> > -evt
> >
> To those of you using Solarwinds: what about scalability? How many devices
> do you presently support with this solution, and under which hardware or VM
> and storage configuration, if you don't mind sharing that?
> Stefan