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Network security on multiple levels (was Re: NYT covers China cyberthreat)

> From: Shrdlu [mailto:shrdlu at deaddrop.org]
> On 3/12/2013 4:16 PM, Warren Bailey wrote:
> > Contractors with facility clearances? I would find it hard to believe
> > dot gov would run secure circuits to a non secure facility. ;)
> The word "Contractor" is usually used to refer to anyone that has a
> contract to do work with the government. Having spent nearly my entire
> working life in those situations, I can absolutely and completely
> guarantee that this type of circuit is common, that the types of phones
> referred to are commonplace in such an environment, and that I have used
> such phones in the course of a normal day.

STU / STE units are not KGs.  Different type of equipment.  Far less functional and single purpose.