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Network Configuration Management

We use Rancid and have it run every hour against Juniper and Cisco gear.  If there's a change, we get an email, and all the revisions are automatically saved in SVN.  Attach WebSVN and you have a nice web viewer.  You administer the devices as you normally would, but you'll have automatic version control and change monitoring.   It's simple to set up, and free.

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Just curious what people are using for network configuration manangement systems. I'm guessing most places have something built in-house, but before starting down that road I figured it would be a good idea to see if people have any off-the-shelf systems they like.

Some features I'd like to have:
 * Interface configs
 * Firewall filter configs
 * BGP session configs
 * User management
 * Support for multiple router and switch vendors (at least
   Juniper and Cisco)

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