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internet in the box

Watch out for the terms in the contract.  You might be obligated to use
the conference facility's service as opposed to bringing your own.  An
alternative might be to check in with ShowNets (http://www.shownets.net/)
who are very good at custom-sized solutions and are often at least
tolerated by facility operators.


On 08-03-2013 14:30 , "Philip Lavine" <source_route at yahoo.com> wrote:

>Has anybody set up a Cellular front end (LTE or 3G) access to the
>Internet and a WiFi backend supporting 150 devices.
>I need to provide temporary Internet access (7 days) to a convention
>center room that is about 2000 square feet.
>Stooopid Aria wants to charge $50/user/wk and who knows what the BW is.