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internet in the box


> so : Cradlepoint with 3 x USB Modems -> Cisco2900 with integrated WLC and 6 AP's

Alternatively, but I am biased as a pfSense developer, you could setup pfSense with multiple usb 3G or 4G sticks.

pfSense has firewalling, some QoS, a traffic shaper and limiters. And the firewall rules can give you granular control over which traffic goes where. The limiters are really useful in my opinion, we use it at work to prevent us from DoS ourselves.

https is a bit of a issue since you need to direct that out 1 connection, most https sites seem to have issue with sessions moving across IPs. A local proxy server is often a good idea, or run it on the pfSense box itself if it is beefy enough in transparent mode, although that will complicate load balancing.

If you also need IPv6 you need the 2.1 BETA, you can use NPtv6 to load balance traffic over multiple tunnelbroker tunnels (each bound to a 3G stick) using a single LAN prefix. Same as with the https example above, use the 1st real prefix on the LAN and NPTv6 load balanced connections going out the other.

I'd say this costs a few hours to setup and test, no idea what your budget is. Your are probably going to spend quite a bit more time and money on getting good wireless coverage on both bands. 2.4Ghz is awful, 5Ghz works amazing for unobstructed view, or per room if you will.

Best of luck,


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> Subject: Re: internet in the box
> cradlepoint, verizon lte wireless usb dongle and a commercial plan with the appropiate bandwidth cap.
> I would then put a  somewhat more powerful wireless-ap/router/nat-box behind it.
> I have stood up a datacenter behind such a thing while waiting for circuits to arrive.
> the cradlepoint can leverage more than one dongle if you have them.
> joel
> On 3/8/13 11:30 AM, Philip Lavine wrote:
>> Has anybody set up a Cellular front end (LTE or 3G) access to the Internet and a WiFi backend supporting 150 devices.
>> I need to provide temporary Internet access (7 days) to a convention center room that is about 2000 square feet.
>> Stooopid Aria wants to charge $50/user/wk and who knows what the BW is.