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internet in the box

If you have the luxury of running copper, you have some options.  In my
experience, its often difficult to do so without paying the house's labor
at a convention center.  This may necessitate a distributed solution with
just several individual cradlepoint routers dropped throughout the coverage
area wherever you find power.

Otherwise, what you say above should work, as long as the required NAT
implementation on the cradlepoint to do the 3x load balancing doesn't die
under load.  I've only tried up to about a bus-load of people on a single
unit, which worked fine.  (FYI -- with 1x modem per cradlepoint, they have
a way to pass the public IP to the Cisco 2900 via DHCP pass-thru and not
run NAT on the cradlepoint).

Finally, Cisco also sells a 4g LTE expansion card.

On Fri, Mar 8, 2013 at 1:28 PM, Eric Wieling <EWieling at nyigc.com> wrote:

> plus overage fees   8-)
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> so : Cradlepoint with 3 x USB Modems -> Cisco2900 with integrated WLC and
> 6 AP's
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> cradlepoint, verizon lte wireless usb dongle and a commercial plan with
> the appropiate bandwidth cap.
> I would then put a  somewhat more powerful wireless-ap/router/nat-box
> behind it.
> I have stood up a datacenter behind such a thing while waiting for
> circuits to arrive.
> the cradlepoint can leverage more than one dongle if you have them.
> joel
> On 3/8/13 11:30 AM, Philip Lavine wrote:
> > Has anybody set up a Cellular front end (LTE or 3G) access to the
> Internet and a WiFi backend supporting 150 devices.
> > I need to provide temporary Internet access (7 days) to a convention
> center room that is about 2000 square feet.
> > Stooopid Aria wants to charge $50/user/wk and who knows what the BW is.
> >