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Time Warner Cable YouTube throttling

On Mar 6, 2013, at 10:30 PM, "Robert M. Enger" <enger at enger.us> wrote:

> 1) You can use wireshark or other monitor to determine the IP address that your video stream is originating from.

I just used the Developer Tools in Google Chrome to figure this out. 

> 2) Upstream traceroutes to that address are probably not of that much interest.  The downstream path (carrying the video from the server to your house) can follow a different path.  Downstream traceroute is what is needed.

Good point.

> 3) Before pointing fingers at anyone, you need to get your own house (literally) in order.  Get off wifi, that is just muddying the water.  Shutdown wifi so there are no other users.  Get off MocA.  You need to be all hard-wired and totally error free and reliable in your local LAN before you can cast stones at carriers and/or inter-carrier interconnection

Agreed. My trace routes were straight from my pfsense firewall, which is connected to my ONT via ethernet (I specifically asked Verizon to turn the ethernet port on instead of MoCA when I had it setup over 2 years ago).