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What Should an Engineer Address when 'Selling' IPv6 to Executives?

On 03/05/2013 05:41 PM, Owen DeLong wrote:
> I think it's also important to cover the following topics somewhere in the process:
> 1.	This will affect the entire organization, not just the IT department and
> 	will definitely impact all of apps, sysadmin, devops, operations, and
> 	networking teams within the IT department.
> 2.	Training will be required for virtually all levels of the organization. End users
> 	won't need more than a ~2 hour introduction to what to look for during and

I've migrated (or enabled) offices (and homes) to IPv6 without them even 
realising it. If it's just enabling IPv6 connectivity there may be very 
little to be done with regards to training and informing end users. The 
beauty of IPv6 in my experience is that it is quite transparent, you 
don't even notice it is there (or shouldn't, if done properly).

Adapting your current software to IPv6, that could be more tricky. 
Although if you use the right IPv6 aware libraries and functions it 
could be relatively easy in code. In my own apps it's just a matter of 
changing the ai_family flag of getaddrinfo() to AF_UNSPEC if not done so 
yet. Although interestingly that may have complications (sudden loss of 
connectivity or more subtle issues). So I can relate to the fact it can 
be tricky.


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