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Cloudflare is down

On (2013-03-03 12:46 -0800), Constantine A. Murenin wrote:

> Definitely smart to be delegating your DNS to the web-accelerator
> company and a single point of failure, especially if you are not just
> running a web-site, but have some other independent infrastructure,
> too.

To be fair, most of us probably have harmonized peering edge, running one
vendor, with one or two software releases and as as such as susceptible to
BGP update taking down whole edge.

I'm not comfortable personally to point cloudflare and say this was easily
avoidable and should not have happened (Not implying you are either).

If fuzzing BGP was easy, vendors would provide us working software and we
wouldn't lose good portion of Internet every few years due to mangled
I know lot of vendors are fuzzing with 'codenomicon' and they appear not to
have flowspec fuzzer.

Lot of things had to go wrong for this to cause outage.

1. their traffic analyzer had to have bug which could claim packet size is
2. their noc people had to accept it as legit data
(2.5 their internal software where filter is updated, had to accept this
data, unsure if it was internal system or junos directly)
3. junos cli had to accept this data
4. flowspec had to accept it and generate nlri carrying it
5. nlri -> ACL abstraction engine had to accept it and try to program to

Even if cloudflare had been running out-sourced anycast DNS with many
vendor edge, the records had still been pointing out to a network which you
couldn't reach.

Probably only thing you could have done to plan against this, would have
been to have solid dual-vendor strategy, to presume that sooner or later,
software defect will take one vendor completely out. And maybe they did
plan for it, but decided dual-vendor costs more than the rare outages.