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Cloudflare is down

Known Juniper security issue . We found it during testing and discovered it is fixed in later code. I don't have the specifics in front of me right now or I'd share. 

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Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2013 20:31:35 +0000
From: Vinod K <vinod408 at hotmail.com>
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Subject: RE: Cloudflare is down
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I am not sure of bug... could be normal behavior for how JunOS CLI handle "extended" packet size.  Will wait for Juniper comment on incident.


> Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2013 20:02:05 +0000
> From: nick at foobar.org
> To: arthur.wist at gmail.com
> Subject: Re: Cloudflare is down
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> On 03/03/2013 10:46, Arthur Wist wrote:
>> Apparently due to a routing issue...
> back up again: http://blog.cloudflare.com/todays-outage-post-mortem-82515
> tl;dr: outage caused by flowspec filter tickling vendor bug.
> Nick