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cannot access some popular websites from Linode, geolocation is wrong, ARIN is to blame?

On Sat, Mar 2, 2013 at 11:58 PM, Constantine A. Murenin
<mureninc at gmail.com>wrote:

> Additionally, it seems like both yelp.com and retailmenot.com block
> the whole from their web-sites, returning some
> graphical "403 Forbidden" pages instead.

Although I have knowledge of either of those sites, I'd put money on the
fact they they simply got sick of the repeated site scraping or similar
activity from Linode and blocked the entire range.  I've spoken to many
other sites that have done exactly this, with a fairly clear inverse
relation between the cost of the hosting provider and the likelihood of
such behavioral (with Linode and Hetzner pretty much being at the top of
that list)