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"It's the end of the world as we know it" -- REM

> At some level, I wonder how much the feedback loop of "providers
> won't deploy ipv6 because everybody says they won't deploy ipv6"
> has caused this self-fulfilling prophecy :/

It's a definite issue. The bigger issue is the financial incentives are all in the
wrong direction.

Eyeball networks have an incentive not to deploy IPv6 until content providers
have done so or until they have no other choice.

Content providers have an incentive not to deploy IPv6 until there are many
IPv6 eyeballs to serve. To a certain extent, they have an incentive to avoid
deploying IPv6 until there are IPv6-only eyeballs.

> On the other hand, there is The Cloud. I assume that aws and all of the
> other major vm farms have native v6 networks by now (?). I hooked up

You again assume facts not in evidence. Many cloud providers have done
IPv6. Rackspace stands out as exemplary in this regard. Linode has done
some good work in this space.

AWS stands out as a complete laggard in this area. 

> v6 support on linode in, oh, less than an hour for my site. Maybe part
> of this just evangelizing with the Cloud folks to get the word out that
> v6 is both supported *and* beneficial for your site? And it might give them
> a leg up with "legacy" web infrastructure data centers to lure them? "Oh,
> your corpro IT guys won't light up v6? let me show you how easy it is on

+1 -- I encourage people to seek providers that support IPv6.