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Verizon DSL moving to CGN

> MAP is all about stateless (NAT64 of Encapsulation) and IPv6 enabled 
> access. MAP makes much more sense in any SP network having its internet 
> customers do IPv4 address sharing and embrace IPv6.

What may make 'much more sense' in one network, doesn't necessarily make 
as much since in another network. As I understand it, MAP requires at 
least a software change on existing CPE, if not wholesale CPE change. 
Some providers may prefer to implement CGN instead if the capital outlay 
is less (and providing new CPE to customers through walkins or truck rolls 
can be problematic).

Our plan for my company at this time is to deploy native IPv4+IPv6 to 
all customers. While we are doing that, continue discussions and testing 
with CGN providers so that when we are unable to obtain anymore IPv4 
addresses, we can then deploy CGN. Our hope is that we never get to the 
point of having to go CGN but we have to be ready in case that day comes 
and have our implementation and opt-out (if available) processes ready.

What devices does Cisco support MAP on? Specifically, does the DPC3827 
support it?