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Speedtest Results speedtest.net vs Mikrotik bandwidth test

Thanks for the many helpful suggestions I received offline.

One thing that I was able to deduce was that one of the radios along the
path had Ethernet auto negotiate turned on.  I turned it off and the TCP
speeds went way up.  It seems that UDP was not affected by this setting
while TCP was.

Thanks again!


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On Mon, 1 Apr 2013, Lorell Hathcock wrote:

> I am having some speedtest results that are difficult to interpret.
> Some of my customers have begun complaining that they are not getting 
> the proper speeds.  They are using speedtest.net and/or speakeasy.net 
> to test the results.

Take the speedtest results with a grain of salt.  Once traffic leaves your
network, you no longer have (much) control over how packets flow across the
'rest of the internet'.

Did the customers report when the issue started?
Are they seeing other performance problems (latency/jitter/packet loss)?
Are you sure no internal links/routers are being saturated, even for brief
periods of time?