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Google burp

On 10/31/12 2:55 PM, Blair Trosper wrote:
> I guess I'll be the one to ask...what's going on over at Google?  Service
> interruptions and front-end errors all over the place across what appears
> to be all services, though Gmail seems to have bounced back up.  Google's
> service disruption is about to bring Twitter's service to its knees as
> people complain and try to figure out what's going on.
> Blair Trosper
> Updraft Networks & The North Texas GigaPOP

It's back working for me (after just a few minutes of brokenness), but I
have to say I really loved the "out of order" splash page I got when my
calendar went down:

"Sorry, there seems to be a problem.  The service you're looking for is
temporarily unavailable.  Please try again in a few hours.  Thanks for
your patience."

Ahem, a few *hours*?