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75th Broad up/down?

An online magazine I work with is, we believe, hosted at 75 Broad or 111 
8th. It dropped out Monday night, right after they announced that the 
diesel pumps had fried due to flooding at 75 Broad, came back up early 
Tuesday morning, and then died again this morning.

IP address is in block (which may be part of a larger block).

Pinging gets me replies from only.

Anyone know the current status of these facilities? I've got an e-mail 
in to noc at internap but haven't heard back - and if they have a facility 
down they're probably too busy to reply to a single web hosting customer.

I have seen the report from earlier this morning indicating that 111 8th 
had an issue that's been fixed - but the Internap NOC line 
(877.843.4662) still indicates that NYM008 is having a power outage.


Jeff Shultz