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Network scan tool/appliance horror stories

I can share with you several stories personnel (both IT or vendors), who have scanned Electric Utility environments with or without permission; and hence caused multiple failures - including electro-mechanical systems and related applications. Utilities typically utilize many industrial controllers - some of which many IT personnel have no knowledge, and some are not robust enough to weather the storm.

1. Know your environment.
2. Know your tools.
3. Communicate.


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On 10/29/12?12:10?-0700, Pedersen, Sean wrote:
>We're evaluating several tools at the moment, and one vendor wants to 
>dynamically scan our network to pick up hosts - SNMP, port-scans, WMI, 
>the works. I was curious if anyone had any particularly gruesome horror 
>stories of scanning tools run amok.


A > layer 7 failure. Make sure all members of your organization are aware of your plans.

Dan White