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the little ssh that (sometimes) couldn't

On Mon, 29 Oct 2012 bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com wrote:

> corruption!
> http://mina.naguib.ca/blog/2012/10/22/the-little-ssh-that-sometimes-couldnt.html

Bush league.  I debugged a similar issue on Sprint's network about 15 
years ago, also nailing it down to which router/router hop had the problem 
(a misconfigured interface that couldn't pass certain bit patterns and was 
causing a particular file we were hosting for a customer to be 
non-downloadable by any client who's packets used the bad path), also 
using ping, but with a pattern much more interesting than large packets of 
nulls...and I had to figure out the problematic pattern before I could do 
the ping tests.

But if you want really bizzare, this one never got solved to my 

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