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Detection of Rogue Access Points

On 18/10/12 15:12, Joe Hamelin wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 7:00 AM, Jonathan Rogers<quantumfoam at gmail.com>
>   wrote:
>> I like the idea of looking at the ARP table periodically, but this presents
>> some possible issues for us.
> Is it just WAPs that you are worried about or any rouge device at the
> remote sites?  If you're doing medical data then I would think that any
> non-company device would be suspect.  If that is the case then ARP scraping
> is the better way.  Basically you need an inventory of what is at the
> sites.  This you should already have and if you don't, that is your first
> step.
> A bit of perl and expect scripting would get you a long way to your goal.
>   Like I mentioned before, if you don't have the time/talent to script the
> task, call out for a coder-for-hire.

You should be able to get the ARP table off a router using SNMP, which 
would be much cleaner than using expect to login to a router's 
management interface...