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Semi-automated L3 interface DNS records

On Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 12:57:16PM -0700, Pedersen, Sean wrote:
> Does anyone out there have any experience with a script, tool or appliance 
> that would help manage the creation and maintenance of DNS records for 
> Layer 3 interfaces on routers and switches?


A relatively simple example using php, with the net-snmp module and Net_IPv4 
from PEAR. For extra bonus points, it parses your BGP state and uses any 
neighbor ASNs it finds for the remote side of your /30 or /31s, and it 
resolves point-to-point SVIs to physical ports by checking against the vlan 
tables. The later part was only tested on Cisco 6500s, and I haven't touched 
that code (or those boxes) in many many years, so no guarantees about using 
it on anything else. :)

Out of date DNS PTRs in traceroute make baby jesus cry, so please use 

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