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Please, talk me down.

On 10/16/12, Randy Bush <randy at psg.com> wrote:
>> First off, I'm using djbdns internally and it doesn't support AAAA
>> records. So we really aren't using it internally.
> if the clutch in my car is broken, should i stop using vehicles?
> dump djbdns or get some diehard to tell you how to fix it.

Ah, but the clutch is not actually broken;  it works perfectly,  and
it is a very robust clutch, not likely to break,  it's just that the
car was designed,  so you need a wrench with you while at all times
while driving, to actuate the clutch,  and you need a screwdriver
onhand as well to adjust gears.    They have a raw record format,
that allows you to enter a raw record into your tinydns data file,
containing anything, including AAAA data.

However, djbdns also lacks support for DNSSEC validation.  the stock
package 1.05,  when installed on a 64-bit OS, contained an unpatched
security vulnerability.

The car was also designed with no electric ignition switch, and no
headlights.   You want to start your car, you need a manual crank.
It's "good enough";  but  probably the time comes soon to retire it.

Electronic ignitions and headlights became the 'standard' a long time
ago,  but the car design was never improved to include the features
(not necessarily an easy feat) --    meanwhile,    the person in
charge of maintaining the design;   spent  many hours writing  essays
about   the problem of light pollution caused by headlights,
insisting that road lights instead would be better,    and  calling up
issues about  the extra  weight and space required for batteries,
danger of  batteries leaking,  or failing,  leaving motorists
stranded,   etc,
thus spending time  not updating the design to incorporate beneficial,
new standards.

> randy