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Attacking on Source Port 0 (ZERO)

On Oct 14, 2012, at 9:02 PM, "Dobbins, Roland" <rdobbins at arbor.net> wrote:

> Hopefully, you have hardware-based edge devices, not just software-based devices and (awful) stateful firewalls - the days of software-based devices on the Internet were over years ago.

Software forwarding is usually only a problem if you have the $5 CPU that Cisco puts in their $30K boxes.

The overwhelming majority of edge connections are <=1Gbps. A modern x86 can handle several of these connections *per core* at minimum packet sizes with stock Linux/BSD, including ACLs.

10G+ forwarding with minimum packet sizes is possible on a single core using optimized kernels (see Intel DPDK and PF_RING DNA).

You don't need to handle more packets than you can possibly receive over your interfaces.