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Is a /48 still the smallest thing you can route independently?

one of the downsides to v6 is the huge amnt of space the folks expect you to announce.
lots of space to do nefarious things.  that said. if you select your peers carefully and don't mind 
a bit of hand crafting, you can /96 and even /112 

that said, get a /32 and assign/announce /48s...


On Thu, Oct 11, 2012 at 02:02:17PM -0700, Jo Rhett wrote:
> I've finally convinced $DAYJOB to deploy IPv6.  Justification for the IP space is easy, however the truth is that a /64 is more than we need in all locations. However the last I heard was that you can't effectively announce anything smaller than a /48.  Is this still true?
> Is this likely to change in the immediate future, or do I need to ask for a /44?
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