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[NANOG-announce] Seeking NANOG Communications Committee candidates for upcoming elections and my farewell

Greetings NANOG friends and colleagues!

This month, elections will take place at NANOG 56 in Dallas, TX.  There are
currently two open positions available on the NANOG Communications Committee
for the upcoming 

Some brief information about the Committee and what we are seeking:

The Communications Committee will consist of at least three members selected
by the Board of Directors. Members of the Communications Committee may not
serve concurrently 
on the Board of Directors. The chairperson of the Communications Committee
will serve ex officio in a non-voting role on the Board of Directors, in
order to facilitate
communication between the two groups. One of the primary functions of
Communications Committee is the maintenance of a community mailing list (the
NANOG operators list).
The Communications Committee will be responsible for the administration and
minimal moderation of the list.

The Board of Directors will select the new Communications Committee members
after the election in October. Two positions are to be filled.

The main NANOG mailing list serves an important role in the community by
providing a day-to-day forum for network operators. Participating as a
member of the 
Communications Committee gives you the opportunity to make a noticeable

All candidates will be asked to complete a questionnaire about their
qualifications, and to submit a Declaration of Candidacy (DoC), which is
available at 

Communications Committee Member Responsibilities may be viewed at

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to me
directly as well.

Personally, I will not be able to run again as I have now served two terms
(four years) on the Committee and will be termed out.  It has been a
pleasure serving the
members of NANOG and the Board of Directors during these last four years,
from when I first started on the Mailing List Committee and watched over the
transformation into
what is now the Communications Committee.

I'd like to thank the NANOG community for giving me this opportunity as it
has certainly been an enjoyable experience.  I hope to serve the community
again in the future.


Randy Epstein
Chair, NANOG Communications Committee

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