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Another LTE network turns up as IPv4-only

On Thu, 11 Oct 2012, Bryan Tong wrote:

>> Why do you believe that address changes in handover? It's an integral part
>> of 3GPP standard that your existing bearer is used for handover, so your
>> address shouldn't change. If it changes then it means the handover didn't
>> work as designed, probably due to some radio related problem. If the address
>> changed, then it means the bearer was torn down and a new bearer was
>> initiated. This is definitely not expected behaviour. We have plenty of
>> customers with bearers that are up for tens of days in a row.
> For that to be true wouldnt support for IPv6 need to be in all
> generations of networks. With that standard in place there can not be
> new protocols without retrofitting. For a user to switch from 6 to 4
> would require and address change however that address change would be
> reliant on DNS which would be out of the scope of network grade
> support.

The goal is to have dual stack in all networks. Single stack IPv6 has 
worked for a long time in 2G/3G/4G (I did first trials 2 years ago, it's a 
non-brainer). It's the support for a dual stack bearer that is 

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