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Wired access to SMS?

On Oct 10, 2012, at 2:02 PM, Bill Herrin wrote:

> What about finding someplace offsite and setting up a persistent PPP
> connection with modems (of the POTS variety) between it and home base?
> Put half the modems there and maybe a low power Atom server with hooks
> to send alerts like "connection to home hasn't come back after X redials".
> I do something similar by having cheap DSL with a provider I don't have
> any other services with to provide a outside world view of things. I
> have a POTS line there too that can auto-dial back home if needed.

If we're looking for belt and suspenders solutions (when you lose your primary WAN connection and the cell modems are jammed up...)

You could also hitch up an analog modem to a POTS line, and then let your paging software dial your cell/home number. You won't hear anything, but the CallerID will let you know that your monitoring system is *desperately* trying to get in touch :-)

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