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Wired access to SMS?

On Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 7:15 PM, Aaron Toponce
<aaron.toponce<aaron.toponce at gmail.com>
@ <aaron.toponce at gmail.com>gmail.com <aaron.toponce at gmail.com>> wrote:
> Instead, purchase a cellular USB modem with a standard plan. All 4 major
> carriers provide APIs to interact with the modems, and you get everything
> you need*. They aren't cheap (something in the neighborhood of $30/month),
> but they work, they are reliable, and you have a committed telecom corp
> dedicated to keeping uptime high, and the API up-to-date.

.. Just my $0.03,

    If his need is mission critical, and $30/mo breaks the bank .. I'd
respectfully submit that there wasn't much of a mission.. :-p

    I do agree, tho, that an external / serial / mmmmaybe-usb gsm device is
the route to pursue.

    I also '+1' / 'bump' the earlier suggestion that the OP (bill) look
into Twilio.  Their level of support/interaction/help/you-name-it sets
standards I wish everyone lived by, and Twilio ease of use & reliability is
second to none, or, at the least, one of a very few.

jamie rishaw // .com.arpa at j <- reverse it. ish.