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Wired access to SMS?

On Tue, Oct 09, 2012 at 03:35:37PM -0400, William Herrin wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I'm looking for a way to do wireline access to send and receive
> cellular phone short message service (SMS) messages. Despite all my
> google-fu, I have had limited luck finding anyone that meets my needs,
> so I'm hoping someone here has found the path through. My main
> criteria are:
> 1. Low quantity, high reliability. I'll want a few dozen phone numbers
> and effectively I'll be sending to and receiving from phones I own.
> 2. Wireline delivery to Honolulu and Northern Virginia. Dynamically
> move numbers between the two locations for failover purposes.
> 3. U.S. based carrier. Tying in to the SMS system via Europe isn't
> acceptable to my customer.
> 4. Solution must reach phones on all U.S. cellular carriers.
> 5. Price is a very distant fifth criteria to the preceding four.
> I can consider Internet based systems where the provider uses U.S.
> based facilities and ties in to a U.S. phone network, provided that my
> standards of reliability and redundancy are met by their
> infrastructure.
> Alternately, I can also consider a wireless carrier that can provide
> two SIM-based phones with the same phone number for sending and
> receiving SMS messages. I'd put the sims in a pair of modems and
> manage deduplication of the received messages in software.
> Has anybody had any luck with this kind of requirement? Which vendors
> should I talk to and who at the vendor?
> Thanks,
> Bill Herrin

We use the MultiTech MultiModem iSMS SF-100G linked up to an AT&T
Wireless account.

It has a RESTful API and can handle both transmission and reception of
text messages.

There are probably SaaS options out there, but have never explored.