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Wired access to SMS?

On 10/09/12 14:35, William Herrin wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I'm looking for a way to do wireline access to send and receive
> cellular phone short message service (SMS) messages. Despite all my
> google-fu, I have had limited luck finding anyone that meets my needs,
> so I'm hoping someone here has found the path through. My main
> criteria are:
> 1. Low quantity, high reliability. I'll want a few dozen phone numbers
> and effectively I'll be sending to and receiving from phones I own.
> 2. Wireline delivery to Honolulu and Northern Virginia. Dynamically
> move numbers between the two locations for failover purposes.
> 3. U.S. based carrier. Tying in to the SMS system via Europe isn't
> acceptable to my customer.
> 4. Solution must reach phones on all U.S. cellular carriers.
> 5. Price is a very distant fifth criteria to the preceding four.
> I can consider Internet based systems where the provider uses U.S.
> based facilities and ties in to a U.S. phone network, provided that my
> standards of reliability and redundancy are met by their
> infrastructure.
> Alternately, I can also consider a wireless carrier that can provide
> two SIM-based phones with the same phone number for sending and
> receiving SMS messages. I'd put the sims in a pair of modems and
> manage deduplication of the received messages in software.
> Has anybody had any luck with this kind of requirement? Which vendors
> should I talk to and who at the vendor?
> Thanks,
> Bill Herrin
If these are your phones, you will be controlling the carrier.  If they 
are all one carrier, you can find out how to send to that carrier.  For 
other uses where you don't control the carrier, it becomes a nightmare 
and where you may want to get a service provider to do that for you.

Most carriers have a way to send messages directly to phones and I use a 
phone from one specific carrier that has access via modems(using TAP 
protocol and I use qpage(www.qpage.org)).  You can also use qpage via a 
public(but carrier specific) snpp server, but I have not had a need for 
that as I need/want off Internet delivery of messages to the carrier's 

On the expensive side, lookup 'sms short code' and you will see 
information on how that works and more info on service providers in this 

Lyle Giese
LCR Computer Services, Inc.